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Green Mountain Research Institute Hosting A Free Community Memory Screening Day

Do you have concerns about your memory? Have you been evaluated for mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer's Disease?

Many people wait until it's too late to seek help and take action. At GMRI, we know how important the brain is, and we want to offer the Rutland community a chance to find out if they have memory issues, and if they do, how severe they might be. We are hosting a free memory screening day for adults and seniors aged 50 and up. Screenings will be offered on Wednesday, January 18th from 9AM through 5PM. Attendees are welcome to drop in to be evaluated by our trained staff, no appointment needed, no costs. There will be refreshments and snacks available.

Masks not required but encouraged to help protect our senior's.

Call to find out more at (802) 855-8407 or contact us via the web here

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